Jul 18, 2023

Putin’s biggest mistake was believing Ukrainians were really Russians

By Roman Solchanyk

Vladimir Putin insists Ukrainians and Russians are "one people" and appears to have genuinely believed his invading army would be welcomed. It is now clear this was a catastrophic miscalculation, writes Roman Solchanyk.

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Jul 6, 2023

Garlauskas and Culver Panelists for VOA Show

On June 30, Markus Garlauskas and Global China Hub Nonresident Senior Fellow John Culver were the guests for Voice of America’s Washington Talk panel discussion show, which focuses on North and South Korean audiences and is often watched by the US Korea analysis and policy community. The discussion focused on the new North Korea intelligence […]

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Jun 30, 2023

Garlauskas on the Capital Cable

On June 29, Markus Garlauskas was the guest for the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Capital Cable talk show. The moderator, retired US Ambassador Mark Lippert, introduced the show by highlighting Garlauskas’ New Atlanticist piece on the new North Korea intelligence estimate. The discussion that followed addressed a wide range of defense and security […]

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New Atlanticist

Jun 28, 2023

Reading between the lines of the new North Korea intelligence estimate

By Markus Garlauskas

The US intelligence community has just released its National Intelligence Estimate on North Korea, a watershed analysis. But more is worth adding to the discussion.

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Ukrainian drone operators in Ukraine’s Donbas region, February 14, 2023. Russia’s Wagner Group is attempting to recruit gamers to join its own ranks of drone pilots. (Source: Reuters Connect/Kish Kim/Sipa USA)

New Atlanticist

Jun 22, 2023

Russian War Report: Wagner attempts to draft gamers as drone pilots

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Russian PMC Wagner Group is encouraging gamers to apply to serve as drone pilots in the war against Ukraine while Ukrainian forces advance on the eastern front.

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Jun 20, 2023

The way for the US to ensure Gulf security is through partnership, not policing

By David Mack

As the United States continues to work with the Gulf on security, expect blips. Despite that, Washington can get this partnership back on course.

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Jun 15, 2023

US-China lessons from Ukraine: Fueling more dangerous Taiwan tensions

By John K. Culver, Sarah Kirchberger

The lessons that Washington and Beijing appear to be learning from Russia's war against Ukraine could set the stage for a crisis over Taiwan in the next few years.

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Jun 7, 2023

Ukraine’s summer counteroffensive will aim to keep the Russians guessing

By Peter Dickinson

Speculation is mounting that Ukraine's hotly anticipated summer counteroffensive may be underway but initial stages are likely to feature probes and diversionary attacks rather than a big push, writes Peter Dickinson.

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The 5x5

May 30, 2023

The 5×5—Cross-community perspectives on cyber threat intelligence and policy

By Simon Handler

Individuals with experience from the worlds of cyber threat intelligence and cyber policy share their insights and career advice.

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Explosion of a missile is seen in the sky over the city during a Russian missile strike, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in Kyiv, Ukraine May 16, 2023. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

New Atlanticist

May 19, 2023

Russian War Report: Russia fires barrage at Kyiv while UK promises ‘kamikaze’ drones

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

A series of Russian missile strikes directed at Kyiv were largely intercepted while the UK promises hundreds of drones. In Poland, a missile "cover up" controversy.

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