A river in Denver Colorado


Jul 11, 2023

How cities can drive the energy transition in the Western Hemisphere

By Maia Sparkman, Willow Fortunoff

Expanding access to critical minerals and increasing manufacturing capacity is at the top of the Biden administration’s decarbonization agenda. Mayors, who have shown their ability to deliver on domestic investment projects, have begun exploring opportunities for international collaboration.

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Wind turbines in the United States


Jun 26, 2023

US offshore wind’s growing pains: Permitting and cost inflation

By Joseph Webster, Elina Carpen

The United States has a nascent offshore wind strategy that requires approving new projects and catalyzing investment into the sector. Two major issues are constraining US offshore wind deployment: challenges in securing permits and cost inflation. How fast the US offshore wind market matures will depend in part on whether the country quickly learns from others who have more developed offshore wind sectors.

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London in 2023


Jun 12, 2023

Leader perspective: Forging a green special relationship between the United States and United Kingdom

By The Rt Hon. Chris Skidmore, MP

The United Kingdom had long been a climate leader, but other countries have caught up. By working with its close ally the United States, the United Kingdom can reassert its climate leadership through a green special relationship that can galvanize net-zero objectives domestically and abroad.

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Transmission and clean energy


Jun 8, 2023

The debt-ceiling permitting deal misses the real problems holding back the energy transition

By Ken Berlin, Frank Willey

The debt ceiling bill introduces changes to reform the permitting process in the United States. But the legislation will do little to clear blockages in the permitting queue. To meet climate targets, legislators must adopt additional measures that are specific to transmission and renewable interconnection.

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Air pollution in Shanghai


Jun 6, 2023

Natural gas reduced China’s urban air pollution. Can it be a global climate solution?

By Joseph Webster

Greater uptake of natural gas has helped substantially reduce urban air pollution in Beijing. Ahead of COP28 discussions this year, the United States, China, and other countries should encourage responsible natural gas production as a solution for reducing global emissions and urban air pollution.

China Climate Change & Climate Action


Jun 2, 2023

Central Asia’s clean energy opportunity: Hydropower

By Maxwell Zandi

Central Asia has failed to harness its full hydropower capacity. But greater investments into the region can help unlock much of Central Asia's potential.

Central Asia Energy & Environment


May 5, 2023

Green hydrogen: Loaded up and (long-haul) trucking

By Joseph Webster, William Tobin

California and Texas are two potential markets to advance hydrogen-fueled trucking. Both states have excellent potential and can decarbonize heavy-duty transportation.

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May 1, 2023

China’s wind industrial policy “succeeded” – but at what cost?

By Joseph Webster

China has the world's largest wind energy market in terms of generation and capacity. But China's emergence as the world's leading player in wind has been costly.

China Climate Change & Climate Action


Mar 31, 2023

Green investment takes the lead: Japan’s revamped approach in Africa

By Emi Yasukawa

Japan's approach to Africa is becoming more investment-based, instead of relying just on aid. Japanese companies and banks have recalibrated their strategies and are looking to advance continent-wide development.

Africa Energy & Environment


Mar 30, 2023

The US clean energy transformation can’t happen at the expense of national security

By Francis R. Fannon

The pace of the energy transition has, to this point, depended on low-cost Chinese production. But the supply chains that have driven clean tech deployment jeopardize US national security and must be remade.

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