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New Atlanticist

Jul 7, 2023

Does Taiwan’s massive reliance on energy imports put its security at risk?

By Joseph Webster

Taipei relies on maritime imports for around 97 percent of its energy, even as Beijing appears increasingly capable of launching a quarantine, blockade, siege, or even invasion of the island.

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In the News

Jun 16, 2023

Younus in The News International: News analysis: Why is Shell leaving Pakistan?

By Atlantic Council

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Jun 14, 2023

How is China mitigating the effects of sanctions on Russia? 

By Maia Nikoladze, Phillip Meng and Jessie Yin

Despite Xi and Putin’s public proclamation of a ‘no limits’ partnership, China and Russia’s economic ties are limited by Beijing’s strategic interests.

China Economic Sanctions


Jun 11, 2023

Russia’s failing Ukraine invasion is exposing Putin’s many weaknesses

By Anders Åslund

Vladimir Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine is exposing all of his personal weaknesses as a ruler and casting an unforgiving light on the extensive damage he has done to Russia, writes Anders Åslund.

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Jun 6, 2023

Is China preparing for a post-Putin Russia?

By Anders Åslund

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have famously proclaimed a "friendship without limits" but the Chinese leader may be looking to a post-Putin Russia and cultivating ties with Putin's PM Mikhail Mishustin, writes Anders Åslund.

China Conflict
Air pollution in Shanghai


Jun 6, 2023

Natural gas reduced China’s urban air pollution. Can it be a global climate solution?

By Joseph Webster

Greater uptake of natural gas has helped substantially reduce urban air pollution in Beijing. Ahead of COP28 discussions this year, the United States, China, and other countries should encourage responsible natural gas production as a solution for reducing global emissions and urban air pollution.

China Climate Change & Climate Action

New Atlanticist

May 30, 2023

China is trading more with Russia—but so are many US allies and partners

By Josh Lipsky, Niels Graham

A number of countries have increased their trade with Russia since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, including non-aligned countries and even some EU members.

China Economic Sanctions


May 17, 2023

Grant Shapps on UK energy security: ‘We must not be reliant on unreliable partners again’

By Atlantic Council

The UK secretary of state for energy security and net zero outlined his department's plans for implementing the Powering Up Britain package that aims to help the country enhance its energy security and deliver on its net-zero commitments.

Crisis Management Energy & Environment


May 4, 2023

Ukraine seeks more German support on Russia’s invasion and EU accession

By Alyona Getmanchuk

Many Ukrainians have been disappointed by Germany's cautious approach to countering Russian aggression against Ukraine and Berlin's preoccupation with avoiding anything that might provoke Putin, writes Alyona Getmanchuk.

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Apr 14, 2023

Ukrainian victory “could help ensure Europe’s future energy security”

By Diane Francis

Ukraine has massive potential to increase domestic energy production and could eventually replace Russian energy exports to the European Union in the post-war era, says Naftogaz CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov.

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