Jul 20, 2023

Ukraine’s tech sector is playing vital wartime economic and defense roles

By David Kirichenko

The Ukrainian tech industry has been the standout performer of the country’s hard-hit economy following Russia’s full-scale invasion and continues to play vital economic and defense sector roles, writes David Kirichenko.

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Jul 19, 2023

Allen in the Wall Street Journal on US efforts to simultaneously deter Russia and China

On July 18, Michael Allen and Connor Pfeiffer co-authored a Wall Street Journal piece making the case for the United States’ ability to simultaneously counter Russia and China. Citing the US’ strengthened defense industrial base, partly bolstered by the war in Ukraine, the pair contend that the US is equipped to both provide continued support […]

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Jul 18, 2023

Kroenig in Foreign Policy on Machiavelli’s Art of War

On July 16, Scowcroft Vice President and Director Matthew Kroenig was featured in Foreign Policy’s 2023 Summer Reading List, recommending Niccolò Machiavelli’s Art of War. Despite it being published in the 16th century, Kroenig argues that it has contemporary relevance in its discussion of emerging technologies that will revolutionize security, militaries, and war. After all, […]

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Jul 7, 2023

Oleksii Reznikov: Ukraine’s defense doctrine will define country’s future

By Oleksii Reznikov

Ukraine's defense doctrine will define the country's future and must reflect unique Ukrainian combat experience while making the most of domestic capabilities, writes Ukraine's Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov.

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Jul 7, 2023

Peterson in Real Clear Defense: Ukraine War Highlights a New Threat to the American Homeland

By Atlantic Council

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Jul 7, 2023

Building a navy fighting machine

By Bruce Stubbs

Bruce Stubbs explores the barriers impeding the US Navy’s approach to strategy development and force planning and offers recommendations for reform.

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Jun 26, 2023

How Ukraine can pin down Russia in Crimea without a land campaign

By John B. Barranco

Many analysts believe Ukraine must liberate Crimea in order to win the war, but it could be possible to render the peninsula strategically irrelevant for Russia without launching a major land campaign, writes John B. Barranco.

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New Atlanticist

Jun 22, 2023

Will Ukraine join NATO? Here’s a top Ukrainian official and former NATO leader’s game plan for the Vilnius summit.

By Katherine Walla

Andriy Yermak and Anders Fogh Rasmussen detail what they expect from the Alliance at the Vilnius summit, from security guarantees to a clear pathway for membership.

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Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 22, 2023

Turkish-Ukrainian defense partnership in a new geopolitical realm

By Can Kasapoglu

The Turkish-Ukrainian strategic partnership would mark a promising opportunity for Western military industries in the post-Soviet space.

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Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 22, 2023

Prospects for an improved US-Turkish strategic relationship

By Lt. Gen. (ret.) Nihat Kökmen

US approval of the sale of F-16s, aircraft modernization kits, and return of Turkey to the F-35 program are key to improving ties.

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