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Jun 13, 2023

Authoritarian investment in southeastern Europe is a security threat. Here’s what NATO can do.

By Jeffrey Lightfoot and John Kay

Stronger investment screening in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia will help strengthen NATO against economic weapons that are increasingly central to today’s conflicts.

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Jun 8, 2023

Operationalizing integrated deterrence: Applying joint force targeting across the competition continuum

By Gen James Cartwright, USMC (ret.), Lt Col Justin M. Conelli, USAF, Clementine G. Starling, and Julia Siegel

General James E. Cartwright, Lieutenant Colonel Justin M. Conelli, and Clementine G. Starling advance a framework for operationalizing integrated deterrence.

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May 19, 2023

Starling joins Irregular Warfare Initiative podcast to discuss gray zone conflict

By Atlantic Council

Clementine Starling explains how the gray zone fits into US policy making and doctrine.

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May 5, 2023

To secure the Black Sea, the West must help Moldova stand up to Russian aggression

By Arnold C. Dupuy

Moldova is working on orienting itself more closely with the West, but it needs support to fend off Russian pressure and attempts to gain influence.

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Apr 4, 2023

Russia’s Wagner Group is a feature not a bug of the Putin regime

By Allen Maggard

Russian private paramilitaries like the Wagner Group are a symptom of the institutionalized corruption at the heart of Putin’s regime and not just another instrument in Russia’s hybrid warfare toolbox, writes Allen Maggard.

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New Atlanticist

Mar 31, 2023

Banning TikTok alone will not solve the problem of US data security

By Jonathan Panikoff

TikTok is just a symptom of a much bigger problem involving China-based technology. Here are some steps US policymakers can take now.

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Russian bombardment of telecommunications antennas in Kiev


Feb 27, 2023

A parallel terrain: Public-private defense of the Ukrainian information environment

By Emma Schroeder and Sean Dack

The report analyzes Russia’s continuous assaults against the Ukrainian information environment, and examines how Russian offensives and Ukrainian defense both move through this largely privately owned and operated environment. The report highlights key questions that must emerge around the growing role that private companies play in conflict.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 20, 2023

Russian War Report: Wagner Group fights French ‘zombies’ in cartoon propaganda

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Plus, more on Wagner's power struggles with the Russian defense ministry and Russia's apparent use of incendiary munitions in Kherson.

Belarus Conflict
U.S. Air Force photo by J.M. Eddins Jr.

Hybrid Conflict Project

Dec 22, 2022

Scoping the gray zone: Defining terms and policy priorities for engaging competitors below the threshold of conflict

By Atlantic Council's Gray Zone Task Force

This Strategic Insights Memo, produced by Forward Defense's Gray Zone Task Force, considers the scope of modern gray zone activity and the implications for US and allies strategy.

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Dec 14, 2022

Agachi interviewed by Politico on the biggest unexpected threats to the United States

By Anca Agachi

Anca Agachi was interviewed by Politico on non-traditional security threats, serious national security hazards that aren’t nukes, tanks and bombs.

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