Alberto charged up

Right from the tour of Oman, Alberto Contador has straightaway gone to Porto-Vechhio. After the Oman tour, Alberto seems to be pumping with fighting spirit that he has got after a long time.

Petacchi eager to have a good season

The Lampre-ISD cycling superstar didn’t have a good season in 2012. When asked, Alessandro Petachhi said that it was because of his lack of condition. He suffered a lot of injuries during the season and that, according to him, has cost him the season. But now he is looking forward to the next season and wants to prove the world that he is not finished yet.

USADA Report on Armstrong relieves Michael Barry

The Canadian cyclist, Michael Barry, who was a former teammate of Lance Armstrong, said that he was relieved after the report was produced. He stated that he felt secured about the fact that he wouldn’t have to live a life with the doping scandals.

Barry was recently suspended from cycling as he was charged with taking performance-enhancing drugs while riding. He was a member of the Team Sky recently. He said that now it’s time to move on with the game. The International Cycling Union must take steps to regain the image of cycling and he felt that the doping-culture must be stopped.

Wiggins Understands why Mark Cavendish wants to Quit

The Tour de France champion and Gold medalist in the London Olympic Games of 2012 in the time trial for Great Britain Bradley Wiggins has accepted that fellow British cyclist and his team mate at Team Sky Mark Cavendish might have to leave the team in order to fulfill his personal ambitions.

Cavendish was part of the Team Sky lineup that helped Wiggins to cross the line in first place and create history as the first British champion in the famous Grand Tour earlier in the summer.

Spotlight at American Century Championship

The most recognizable pack in golf accepts to course for 23rd American Century Championship, from 20th July to 22nd July at the Edgewood Tahoe as well as Lance Armstrong Foundation, an establishment founded by champion cyclist as well as the cancer survivor to help people who are struck by cancer, has returned as the official championship charity for the 7th back to back year. Against the lovely setting of High Sierra Lake - the worldwide battle against cancer will deal with the spotlight along with the top names in entertainment and sports.