British Cycling & Sky establish Ride Social

Elite cycling squad Team Sky have joined hands with British Cycling to launch a new community based website Ride Social. The novel initiative is themed to help out cycling enthusiasts to build up their very own riding communities.

The internet system permits cyclists to create profiles that would permit them to organize as well as join up bike riding events around their locality.

Fans And Experts Come Out To Support The Columbian Women Team

The Colombian women team has been under some good pressure. They have been trending in almost all social websites and media have been covering it all day. The controversies have led to the roar of tweets in the twitter. There have been a great number of people who are commenting on the controversies. The biggest tweet regarding the controversy came from the UCI chief as he said that the dress worn by the Colombian women team will not be acceptable by the board. They didn’t term the dress as an exposing one but the UCI claimed that the dress was not decent.

Wiggo Impresses Again With Time-Trial Triumph At Britain Tour

Great news for Bradley Wiggins’ fans- the iconic Brit rider has again impressed the cycling world with his great time-trial triumph at the esteemed Britain Tour.

It was quite a dramatic turn of events as Wiggins was lagging back in the 7th position from where he smartly lifted himself up the 3rd position with a very competitive endeavor & fired warning to great rival Martin (Tony).

Trott assists Bronzini to win RideLondon Prudential Grand Prix

Defending RideLondon Prudential Grand Prix champ Laura Trott played an able aide for mate Bronzini (Giorgia) in securing the latter a grand win at the esteemed tournament last Saturday.

The Italian rider beat top favorite & 2012 Olympic road-racing champ Vos (Marianne) in the last few metres of the race on Mall.

Sir Brailsford Hails Britain As Top Cycling Country

Added to the commencement of the highest honored cycling event in their country, the English cycling enthusiasts have another reason to be delighted of late. Sir Brailsford has recently hailed Britain as top cycling nation of the world citing instances of record performances by English riders.

The Sky boss stressed on record gold medal feats at the Olympic by the British riders over the past 6 years as one of the major reasons – behind his declaration of Britain as #1 cycling at present.