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Jul 18, 2023

Is Russia really siding with the UAE against Iran?

By Mark N. Katz

For Russia to endorse the GCC's position on three islands is especially surprising, considering how much Iran has done to support Moscow.

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Jul 14, 2023

The ‘Tehran’ series isn’t far-fetched. Israeli agents are operating with ease in Iran.

By Arash Azizi

Undoubtedly, the ease with which Israeli intelligence agents operate inside Iranian territory is astonishing.

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Jul 11, 2023

Why Khamenei’s son is not the next radical modernizer in the Middle East

By Saeid Golkar and Kasra Aarabi

A cohort of regime elites are hoping that Mojtaba Khamenei will transform the Islamic Republic from above.

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Event Recap

Jul 7, 2023

The mechanisms of corruption in Iran

By Masoud Mostajabi and Britt Gronemeyer

On June 13, the Atlantic Council’s Iran Strategy Project hosted a virtual event, “The Mechanisms of Corruption in Iran” to discuss the nature of corruption and sanctions in Iran as well as the social, economic, and political implications of these issues. The Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative Director, Jonathan Panikoff conducted opening remarks, […]

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Jul 7, 2023

Iran and Afghanistan are feuding over the Helmand River. The water wars have no end in sight.

By Holly Dagres

Fatemeh Aman, a non-resident senior fellow at MEI, on why the Islamic Republic and Taliban are bumping heads on transboundary water issues.

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Jul 6, 2023

Hezbollah and Iran have opened a fourth battlefront: Inside Israel

By David Daoud

Critical as recent developments may prove, they obscure a more dangerous Hezbollah initiative to establish a proxy foothold inside Israel.

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Jun 29, 2023

Could the IRGC pull a Wagner Group move in Iran? That’s what some Iranians are hoping for. 

By Holly Dagres

Many Iranians wondered what it meant for the Islamic Republic’s future if Russian President Vladimir Putin was taken down.

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Jun 28, 2023

The Wagner rebellion is over—for now. But how will the events reverberate in the Middle East and North Africa?

By Mark N. Katz

The June 23-24 rebellion led by Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin—aimed, he claimed, at replacing the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov (not Russian President Vladimir Putin)—has ended. However, reverberations from it are likely to continue being felt beyond Russia, such as in the Middle East and North […]

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Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 22, 2023

Can the US, Israel, and Turkey collaborate to contain Iran?

By Ron Tira

All three actors are, or at least should be, concerned about the challenges posed by Iran.

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Jun 7, 2023

Iran is playing musical chairs with leadership positions. None of these individuals have been sanctioned.

By Behnam Ben Taleblu

Playing musical chairs with leadership positions provides opportunities to recalibrate and update coercive economic measures on Iran.

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